Friday, February 25, 2011

Class of 2013 Senior Models.

Our "Senior Models" are seniors who would like to save money on senior portraits and help promote Plumlee Photography to their friends. You get 2 free portrait sessions, free sample photos, and discounts on your photos. This is a limited time opportunity. We are signing up models now through the end of March, 2012. If you would be interested in being a Plumlee Photography "Senior Model" at your high school, contact us for complete details.
By mid-March, our "Senior Models" will have discount cards to hand out, good for 16 free wallet-sized photos! Check with one of these students below, for your discount card.
Don't see anyone from your school pictured below? Then contact us! We'd love having you as one of our "Class of 2013 Senior Models".

                                                         Anastasia: Russellville High School

                                                         Brehannah: Branson High School

                                                      Clare: Home School (Berryville)

                                                            Cody: Blue Eye High School

                                                            Ellen: Blue Eye High School

                                                             Grant: Rogers High School

                                                       Maria: Berryville High School

                                                       Quinton: Green Forest High School

                                                            Taylor: Blue Eye High School

                                                        Tiffany: Green Forest High School

Heath: Berryville High School

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