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Ideas For Incredible Senior Portraits......Current Specials

Be watching for our "Class of 2014" Specials, Coming Soon!

Don't need a whole lot of photos? Then our new "Budget Session" may be just what you need. For just $95, you get a portrait session, up to one hour and and three outfits. Includes three units of portraits (a unit is 1-8x10 or 2-5x7 or 3-4x6 size prints). No other discounts apply (such as the June "Early Bird Specials"). 

Get a FREE family portrait session and 8x10 with a $300 senior portrait order.
Free Facebook photos of any pose you order portraits. 
Purchase a Gallery Wrap Portrait, let us display it in the studio for 3 months, save 50%. 

Call to make your appointment TODAY!
Too busy to call during our business hours? Got a question you need answered right now? 
Then text Larry 24/7 at: 870-480-2226.

Before You Schedule.....
Before you call to schedule your senior portrait session, there are a few tips and information you need to know to make the most of your portrait experience.
The possibilities are almost endless, so we want to design the session that fits your personality and preferences. Check out the links below. Find the settings and styles you like. We want to make sure we allow enough time for the type session you have in mind. Depending on your likes and budget, we can book anything from a one hour to a multi-day session! We can do sessions at the studio, or travel to any location in the area.
(Click on photos to enlarge.)

Plumlee Classic or Money-Saving Budget Session?
For the Plumlee Classic Senior Portrait Session, choose from any of the settings and session times listed below. Most people book a 2-3 hour session. The links below will give you an idea of what all can be included in those sessions. Settings at our Oak Grove studio include many backgrounds and props in our camera room, plus right out side our camera room door is our spacious private portrait park with trees, rocks, fence, bridge, etc. No need to drive around to public locations to be photographed. The old pick-up truck is a popular prop, his name is "Rusty O. Truck", and he sits right behind our studio. Finally, we have the old barn, a couple hundred yards behind our studio.
For sessions away from the studio, we offer the "Urban" style. There's also "Backroads", Table Rock Lake, Branson, Eureka Springs, or even your home! For samples of all these settings, see the links under "Portrait Styles".
New for the Class of 2013 is our "Money-Saving Budget Session". This is for those who want some really nice professional portraits, but perhaps don't need as many portraits or an elaborate session as the Plumlee Classic. This session is limited to 3 settings or backgrounds, with one outfit per setting. Time limit is up to one hour. See more details below under "Session Options". Special discount pricing applies. 

Portrait Styles.....Check out the links for more photos!
Formal studio. Click here.
High Key (all white). Click here. 
Angel Eyes. Click here.
Black and White. Click here.
Muslin. Click here.
Hollywood. Click here.
Your Wheels. Click here.
Sports, In Studio. Click here.
Sports, On Location. Click here. 
Window. Click here.
Outdoors Spring/Summer.Click here. 
Outdoors. Fall/Winter.Click here.
Rusty. Click here.
The Barn. Click here.
Yocum Creek. Click here.
Miscellaneous. Click here.
Urban. Click here.
Backroads. Click here.
Table Rock Lake. Click here.
Home. Click here.
Snow. Click here.
Eureka Springs. Click here.
Branson/Hollister area. Click here.
Composites. Click here.
Buddy Photos...Click here.

Portrait Designs By Kelly.
You get two artist for the price of one, when you come to Plumlee Photography. Larry Plumlee, Master Craftsman Photographer, does all the camera work. Kelly Dwyer, Plumlee daughter #4, is our Design Artist. She's the one that adds the finishing touches to your portrait, to make you look great! Check out her many unique artistic designs...Click here. 

Whoa! Don't Pay Too Much!
How can something that's cheaper actually cost more? That's exactly what could happen if you choose a photographer with "lower" prices. If you don't like the pictures, it doesn't matter how "cheap" they are---they are still too expensive!
There are no hidden costs at Plumlee Photography. All of of your finished portraits are carefully retouched to remove blemishes, lighten facial lines, and give you a natural appearance....not "over-done" to make you look like a plastic doll. Wall portraits are mounted, ready to frame.
At Plumlee Photography, you always get much more than you pay for. Combine a fun portrait session with super friendly service, outstanding values and specials, and you've got the perfect combination for your senior portraits.....Plumlee Photography!

Portrait Pricing. 
We like to keep things simple in our pricing. No minimums. Flexible packages so you can order exactly what you need.
What we find most people need are: wallets for the senior to hand out, gift size portraits to give to family and friends (usually sizes 4x5, 5x7, and 8x10), and a wall portrait for display at home. If you choose several of our session options, you may also find that a senior portrait album is a nice addition. These usually contain 40 or more of your images.

Two Locations To Serve You.
Oak Grove, Arkansas.
For over 30 years, we've operated our main studio in Oak Grove, AR. Located in the heart of Branson, Eureka Springs, and Harrison, this rural studio is located on the 40 acre Plumlee family farm. Our camera room has many backgrounds and props, plus just outside the camera room door is our large one acre portrait park, which provides a nice, private location for your outdoor session. An authentic barn is located behind the studio. Just down the road a couple miles is Yocum Creek. Even though we have an office in Branson, many Branson area clients come to our Oak Grove for their session, then place their order and pick up photos at the Branson location.
Click here to view map to Oak Grove.
Branson, Missouri.
Our Branson location is mainly a sales office, where we meet clients for consultations, sales, and order pick up. We do have a small camera room, but most photography is on location.
Our Branson office is located in the lower level of the Branson Dental Center, just off Bee Creek Road. Office hours are by appointment only.

To make an appointment or for more information, here's our contact information:
870-749-2588 (studio)
After hours, cell 870-480-2226 (call or text)
Or Facebook Larry.

Coming....Know the difference!

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